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ShopNotes 178 — This is My Brain Out Loud

By: Phil Huber
Listener questions and woodworking stockpiles.

We check in with Logan on his saw till project. Along with some listener comments and responses, we talk about what kinds of things we stockpile. A side discussion on storage preferences came up as well.

You know them for their reputation for providing you with professional and affordable carbide router bits and shaper cutters, but today Woodline USA is much more than that. Whether you need blades for a planer, joiner, table saw, band saw, or whatever, they have the right choice for the application and material that you are working with. They also carry many woodworking jigs and accessories to make your time in your shop more efficient. For more information or a free catalog, visit woodline.com.

Published: Dec. 21, 2023
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Topics: hand saws, weekend, workbench, workshop



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