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ShopNotes Podcast 039 — If it's not wood, what is it?

By: Phil Huber
Other materials besides wood show up (and work well) in projects.

In this episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, John, Logan and Phil discuss using materials other than wood. Plus, some of the traditional and non-traditional tools that they like to keep handy in the shop for special circumstances.

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After discussing complementary materials, the cast also discussed some of their favorite, uh, offbeat tools.

One favorite: folding rulers. These come in two styles: 6' "flippy-floppy" rulers and 2' folding rules.

Folding ruler

Phil also shared his shop-made punches for adding textures and patterns to project parts. The punches are shaped with a file on the end of carriage bolts.

Woodworking punches

Project Update:

John is nearing completion on his shop cleanup center. Good thing, too. He started it 3 years ago.

Cleanup center progress photo

Phil finally took the step of trying to sharpen a hand saw. He's had this rip saw for awhile and touched up the teeth. Now, it's time to try resawing by hand on a few pine logs he picked up from Chris Fitch.

Rip saw

Published: Oct. 12, 2020
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