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ShopNotes Podcast 142 — Phil Gets Sappy

By: Phil Huber
A box of vintage tools and too many projects going on at once.

A Woodsmith Shop viewer sent a box of vintage tools for the team to find homes for. Here's what was included.

ShopNotes 142

This episode finds Phil loaded down with projects already, Logan suffering for his craft (and workshop), and John is barely connected.

One of Phil's project requires a large radius roundover. He finally found the shop's 1" radius bit. Or as John calls it, R.O.U.S. radius of unusual size.

Large roundover router bit

The Free Project for this episode sticks with our shop & stackable theme. These tool totes are designed around versatile plastic hardware bins. Though the totes can be easily modified for other uses. The simple plywood construction means you can batch out a bunch of these to clear the clutter in your shop, garage, or basement. Find more plans at Woodsmith Plans

Published: Jan. 13, 2023
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