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ShopNotes podcast 145 — It's Nice to Have Two Routers

By: Phil Huber
A lively discussion about duplicate tools and copying projects.

In light of Logan getting another lathe, the hosts discuss tools each would consider having more than one of.

Phil has two routers. John likes the idea of two table saws: one for cutting, another for dadoes & joinery. Other ideas include two band saws, or a miter saw and a radial arm saw.

We'd like to hear other ideas.

The Free Plan for this episode is a cheese & cracker tray. It was featured on the TV show and offers a lot of woodworking techniques for such a small, fun project.

This episode is sponsored by Titebond. You want a glue that you can trust. And fortunately, Titebond has the glue you need to get the job done with confidence. From interior glues with strong initial tack and short clamp time to exterior glues with exceptional strength and water resistance, look to Titebond – the right glue for your next project. For more information, visit Titebond.com

Published: Feb. 10, 2023
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