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ShopNotes Podcast 189 — Is This All Leading to the Point of User Error?

By: Phil Huber
Drum sanders rule — except when they don't. And also oddball clamps.

While providing an update on the miter saw station for Logan's shop, the topic of drum sanders comes up. Logan was struggling with his and it caused some trouble for one of the station's frames.

Baliegh thickness drum sander

John seems to have mastered the Powermatic thickness sander in the shop at Woodsmith. And it's proven popular with Dillon and Marc as well.

Powermatic thickness drum sander

In a carry-over from last the previous episode, Phil brought up oddball clamps that woodworkers find useful in their shops. For Phil it's the Shelf Clamp from Dubuque Clamp Works.

Shelf clamp from Dubuque clamp works

Deep reach clamp

Von-Ton Box Clamp Set

Logan likes a deep-reach clamp, like the one Chris designed for Woodsmith. He also has a set of Von-Ton Box Clamps. For a set of those clamps, call Van-Ton Machine in Kansas City, 913-909-2793.

John mentioned some shop-made wood cam clamps and edging clamps.

Plywood edge clamp

There's even this vintage ShopNotes edging clamp version.

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Published: March 29, 2024
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Topics: clamping and assembly, jig, planers and jointers

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