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ShopNotes Podcast 200 — Snarky Comment for Everybody

By: Phil Huber
Celebrating a milestone episode ... with more of the same.

ShopNotes podcast 200 display cabinets

We made it. 200 episodes. How many more do we have in us? I don't know.

UK Tour & Woodworking In America

During this show, John, Logan, and I discuss the show, the upcoming UK Tour and Woodworking in America live event. We also review some comments about our supposed disapproval of the Shopsmith.

YouTube content creator Shop Nation recently posted a profile of Shopsmith and its plan for the future.

Side note: you don't know how many emails refer to either "Woodsmith" or "ShopNotes" as "shopsmith." It's a lot.

Logan talked about one of the projects we built for the TV show: a display cabinet orginally built for Popular Woodworking by Willie Sandry. It's modeled after the Limbert #357 bookcase. The TV version is made from oak that crashed through his grandpa's house during a derecho event a few years ago — so sentimental value.

This lead to a larger discussion about furniture pieces that get dated by the technology they were designed to accommodate. Raise your hand if you remember giant wardrobes that lead to humongous TVs instead of Narnia.

Here are a few links to display cabinets that we discussed from Woodsmith & PopWood.

Nancy Hiller bookcase plans

Nancy Hiller Bookcase

The bookcase we made bears a resemblance to this piece by the late, great Nancy Hiller. Her version is of an English Arts & Crats maker Harris Lebus.

Lighted display cabinet woodworking plans

Lighted Display Cabinet

Small, lighted display cabinet. BTW John still has to complete his ...

Sliding Door Display Cabinet

Sliding door cabinet woodworking cabinet

This sliding door display cabinet uses drawer slides to gain access to the contents. It's currently in the lobby of the Woodsmith mothership. Come visit.

Show sponsor: Thank you to Titebond for supporting the work of Woodsmith & ShopNotes over the years. Their glue is the one we rely on every day in the shop at Woodsmith and our home shops.

Published: July 9, 2024
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