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ShopNotes Podcast E020 — Justifying Tool Purchases

By: Phil Huber
As if you need an excuse to buy another tool! On this episode we talk about justifying tool purchases.

Logan poses the question for this episode based on buying some tools specifically for maintaining and adjusting his new band saw lumber mill (humble brag). Most, if not all, are dupliates of tools he already owns.

Where do you draw the line in having multiple tools? How do you decide?

John feels duplicates are worthwhile especially if they get used in different locations that aren't convenient to go between. It's all too easy to forget where a tool was last needed. And when it comes to small items like driver bits, wrenches, and sockets, it isn't a big deal.

While Phil usually tries to keep a more minimal tool kit, he does have several job-specific kits of tools: electrical, plumbing, car maintenance, etc. Discount tool stores like Harbor Freight and Northern Tool allow you to assemble a dedicated kit without spending a lot of money.

Project Update:

John's playset has turned into a fun activity to do with his kids — even if it means the construction takes a little longer. He also has to get used to "construction tolerances" compared to furniture tolerances in meansuring, cutting, and look of project parts. This project does indulge his enthusiam for using plenty of structural woodscrews.

Ladder Up

Phil's compact router table is proving to be a valuable learning experience. Because he's using props made for the TV show and making others, he has to level up to make sure parts are aligned and sized consistently.

During the rushed filming scehdule, the one made on set had some issues. So this is a lesson in being careful.

Phil's router table

Logan put the finishing touches on his miter plane ... and is already looking forward to the next one. How does it end?

Logan's miter plane

Look for the plans to be featured in Woodsmith 251, October/November 2020.

Published: May 22, 2020
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