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ShopNotes Podcast E18 — Setting Up a Home Workshop

By: Phil Huber
Logan, Phil, and Dillon talk about the advise they'd give themselves when setting up a workshop for the first time.

There's nothing quite like the clear-eyed vision of hindsight. In this episode, Logan, Dillon and Phil reminisce about their home shops and what they wish were different.

Dillon is working on setting up a shop in his basement and is considering the tools and equipment he wants as well as the type of projects and techniques he'd like to accomplish.

Logan's biggest complaint is shop "furniture" that allows dust, shavings, and chips to accumulate. It makes the task of keeping a clean shop that much harder. So his dream shop upgrade would include a cabinet base workbench like the Shaker workbench from Benchcrafted.

He's also considering adding a dedicated metal-working station in his shop. Phil made a version of this vise station and found that it's solid. More importantly, it keeps metal debris separate from his wood projects.

Phil is enjoying the extra space in his shop now that the table saw is gone. He wishes for a cabinet base workbench and the idea of telling others you don't need a maximally equipped workshop to enjoy the craft. Just start building.

On Our Workbench

Dillon — recently made a Shaker-inspired bench. What he likes about it is how an old design can have such a clean, contemporary feel.

Dillon's Shaker bench

Detail of Shaker bench

Logan — Turned some tool handles and is loving the finish created with Peacock Oil from Skelton Saws. Logan's chisel handles

Phil — Finally finished the nightstand project. Now it's on to a vintage radio cabinet repurposing and some sharpening.

Published: May 8, 2020
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