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ShopNotes Podcast 153 — The Eastern Red Cedar Challenge

By: Phil Huber
Table saw placement, new tools, chairmaking, sharpening, and Handworks.

Listener Question — Where does the table saw go? Stephen asks: How can you put a table saw against a wall? There are enough different operations that all sides are required for access. Ripping requires access in the front and rear. Crosscut tables require access from the left side as well as the right side for longer stock or plywood.

Red Cedar Challenge — Prove Logan Wrong Logan milled some large Eastern red cedar. While it's ideal for drawer boxes, and lining chests and closets, he doesn't think it looks all that great as a primary material. Send us a photo of your red cedar project. The winner will get a special prize.
Red Cedar

Red Cedar log

Handworks is Coming Later this year, the Handworks show occurs in eastern Iowa. If you're planning on going, why not take some time for a Woodsmith tour? Email woodsmith@woodsmith.com to set up a time.

New Tools Logan added a travisher to his tool kit. Now it seems he will start making chairs. Chairmaking travisher

Here's the blade Travisher blade

Phil completed a coping saw that was featured in Woodsmith and designed by Christ Fitch. Shop-made coping saw

Diamonds for Sharp Tools The cast also discussed sharpening stones and the role of diamond stones as a stand alone system or as sidekicks to other stones.

Free Plan The home’s entryway tends to be a magnet for clutter. If you don’t have a good method for organizing these items, it can quickly turn into an unsightly mess. The elegant hall tree you see here is a great solution to this problem. With a set of hooks, shelves, and a bottom bin for storing umbrellas, it’s the perfect spot to deposit or collect these items when you arrive at the door. It even has a pivoting mirror for a quick check before you head out the door.

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Published: April 29, 2023
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Topics: hand plane, sawmilling, table saw, tool sharpening, workshop



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