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All-In-One Table Saw Workstation

By: John Doyle & Phil Huber
Project Designer, John Doyle, wanted to create a small shop workhorse. The result is a rolling, self-contained workstation that has space for a compact table saw, router table, and thickness planer. When you consider the outfeed capabilities, work surface, and storage inside, this cart truly is a rolling workshop.

Get the step-by-step plans to build your own All-in-One Table Saw Workstation from WoodsmithPlans.com.

This mobile workstation packs three tools into one. On one end, a benchtop table saw sits on a low table. The main worksurface of the station acts as the perfect outfeed support for the saw. On this worksurface, there’s an opening for a router plate that turns the top into a router table. Finally, opposite the table saw is a flip-top with a thickness planer mounted to one side. But wait, there’s more. One thing that you might not think about as you look at the mobile workcenter is the size of the worksurface itself. It’s the perfect canvas for assembling projects and serving as your main or auxiliary workbench. That’s not to mention the vast amounts of storage packed below the top in the form of drawers and shelves.

Published: Oct. 3, 2019
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