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Building My New Shaker-Style Workbench - Part 1

By: Phil Huber
This workbench has it all — classic looks, plenty of storage, plus a top and vises able to handle the most demanding tasks.

Come along on Phil's journey to build a new workbench for his own shop. He's kicking off this adventure by building a sturdy cabinet base. Just about every woodworker would like to build a workbench like this one. But a lot of them might be a little intimidated about building what looks like a complicated project. You don’t have to worry — this design features simple solutions that make building the bench manageable.

You can find the step-by-step plans for the original Cabinet-Base Workbench at WoodsmithPlans.com.

You can find more videos in this Workbench Build Series here: Building My New Shaker-Style Workbench - Part 2 Building My New Shaker-Style Workbench - Part 3

Published: Aug. 12, 2021
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